The story behind the Refuge Du Toubkal – Neltner Refuge

The idea of the Refuge du Toubkal, also called the Neltner Refuge goes back to a doomed undertaking to the summit of Toubkal in September 1933. Despite the fact that the campaign effectively achieved the summit, sickness influenced the gathering at the time of its descent and it was chosen that an arrival to Armed (Armored) town that day was impractical. Rather, a bivouac was made in a cave at the end of the mountain. Among the gathering, who were left with a long and icy night amid which to think about the absence of sufficient arrangement for mountain dwellers in the zone, was one Louis Neltner, French geologist, and Atlas master. The result of his appearance was the Neltner Refuge which still stands today.

Toubkal Refuge
The Refuge Du Toubkal in summer

With him that night was a sure Omar ait Lkadi, since 1925 the first and single guide in the valley, it was fitting, thusly, that, when the Neltner Refuge opened in 1938, he was hired as its first keeper, this was a position he would hold until the point that he was succeeded in 1968 by none other than his child, Lahcen Ait Lkadi, who himself would hold the situation until his own time of resigning 1985.

Neltner Refuge
The Refuge Du Toubkal on Winter

Now the duty of keeper stays inside his family. Mirroring the continually expanding responsibility on the refuge from increasing the sum of trekkers, the duty of keeper has been shared similarly between three sons of Lahcen’s throughout the previous two decades and that’s just the beginning. As of now there are plans that one day their duties ought to be passed on to a fourth era of the family, from numerous points of view the family history of the Ait Lkadis is the historical backdrop of the Neltner Refuge.

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