Hiking during Ramadan on the High Atlas in 2019

The month of Fasting is the holiest month in the calendar book of Muslims all over the world, which is administered by the periods of the moon and that is the reason the dates shift every year.

In the month of Ramadan, Muslims are required to stay without food from beginning of the day to dusk. They should decline any type of eating, drinking and smoking in the daytime and dedicate themselves to think about the idea of their association with God

Thus, days are calmer than common, and most shops, eateries, and so on providing food for local people stay shut in the daytime. Then again, be that as it may, road life turns out to be more vivified and bright than whatever remains of the year, during the evening. Soon after the sun sets, Moroccans break their fast (typically with a super delicious made up of meat and vegetable soup called harira, eggs that are boiled, dates, tea, milk and some desserts from local) and spend the night going by companions and relatives, or supplicating in the mosques, feeling clearly in a happy state of mind after the hardship they’ve gone throughout the day!

Destinations of Vacation for tourists, inns, shops, and eateries providing food for tourists generally stay open amid daytime in Ramadan, in spite of the fact that they may have restricted opening hours. Administration may be on occasion slower than normal. In the case, please make a special effort to be patient and kind – the staff will attempt to put forth a valiant effort, however, fasting is a hard ordeal both on a physical and otherworldly level and they won’t respond as fast and productively not surprisingly. A kind word will be especially valued and will work ponders. Additionally, know that purchasing liquor in shops amid Ramadan is more troublesome.

If you are from another religion than Islam, you are not required to fast and submit to the standards of Ramadan, and Moroccans comprehend this impeccably. In any case, we prescribe you keep away from drinking, eating or smoking in the boulevards in the day, and dress moderately. Realizing that you do as such out of cordiality and as a signal of sensitivity towards the hardship they’re experiencing, regardless of whether you are not compelled to limit yourself in that sense, it is something that Moroccans will always remember, and will acknowledge warmly.

While trekking your guides and muleteers will cook for you and will anticipate that you will drink and eat in front of them. At the point when the fast breaks every day it is general that each one of those keeping Ramadan (if any visitors is keeping it they would welcome you going along with them) break the fast together.

The rationale behind Ramadan is that even the rich will have the capacity to acknowledge appetite and thirst. Sustenance and Alms are progressively given to the poor in the month of fast.

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